Currency Market Analysis as of 6-4-2016

지난 한주동안에는 대다수의 통화가 달러대비 강세를 보였습니다. 이유는 예상보다 안좋은 고용지수 때문입니다. 붉은선이 교차하는 지점에서 멀어질수로 세계평균치 보다 환율이 강세 (일본) 을 보이거나 아니면 약세 (멕시코 혹 러시아) 를 보이고 있습니다. 한국은 작년대비든 지난달 대비든 지난주 대비든 평균치로 움직이고 있습니다. 한마디로 원화외환시장이 다른 국가들 보다 크게 요동치고 있지 않고있습니다.

The following chart displays the weekly currency changes and monthly currency changes of G-20 countries. The most currencies appreciated against the U.S. dollar during last week  because of weak job data. The Mexico currency (Peso) fell against the U.S. dollar in both monthly and weekly. The Japanese yen and New Zealand dollars rose most against the U.S. dollar by weekly and monthly. The two red lines represent the average change of all currencies.  If a country is far away from the red lines, then the country currency appreciates or depreciates most. The Mexico and Russia are the examples. However, the exchange market of Korean Won is somewhat stable compared to other countries. because Korean Won’s changes in weekly and monthly are closed to the average changes of G-20. The Japanese yen appreciated most among G-20 countries by yearly and weekly.


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