Oil Cost Production Barrel Breakdown

미국세일기업들 배럴당 생산비용은 총 $23.35 로 사우디($8.98) 이란 ($9.08) 아리크($10.57) 러시아($19.21)보다는 훨씬비용이 많이 들지만 영국, 브라질 그리고 베네주엘라 보다는 저렴한 가격에 생산하고 있습니다.  더자세한 내용은 여기 월스트리티저널 기사에 있습니다.
The cost of producing a barrel by the U.S. Oil companies is $23.35 per barrel which is higher than Saudi, Iran, Iraq and Russia, but lower than U.K., Brazil, Nigeria and Venezuela. More detail information can be found in the following WSJ’s article.
Cost breakdown for U.S. shale
Gross taxes $6.42 27.5%
Capital spending $7.56 32.4%
Production costs $5.85 25.1%
Admin/transport $3.52 15.1%
Total $23.35

Source: http://graphics.wsj.com/oil-barrel-breakdown/



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