U.S. Securities owned by Foreigners

현재 외국인이 소유한 미국국채는 총 $6,165.8 billion (As of December 2015) 인데 이중에 $4,095.4 billion 는 외국 정부가 소유하고 있습니다. (Approximately 66%)

지난 1년동안의 여러나라들의 미국국채소유현황입니다. 전체적으로는 서서히 줄고있다가 11월에  늘었습니다.    중국은 여름에 8월 9월에 줄다가 다시상승 한국과 대만은 서서히늘고 일본그리고 오일산유국의 미국국채소유는 줄고있습니다. (As of December 2015)

The following charts display the U.S. Treasury securities owned by several countries. The China’s holding of U.S. securities declined in August and September but increased in November. The securities held by Taiwan and Korea have been gradually increasing, but the securities held by Japan and Oil exporters are declining. The total securities held by foreigners had been declining but increased in November.  The total amount of U.S. securities owned by foreigners is $6,165.8 billion as of December 2015 and 66% of the amounts, $4,095.4 billion, is owned by foreign governments.

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NOTE: Dollars in Billion

Source: http://ticdata.treasury.gov/Publish/mfh.txt

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