Bond Market Analysis as of 12/31/2015

드디어 한국장기국채(10년) 금리가 미국국채(10년) 금리보다 낮습니다. (2.1% 대 2.3%) 아마 이번 한국경제에 대한 신용평가가 좋아진 결과라고 보여집니다 (무디스가 신용등급을 Aa2 로 올림). 특히 한국정부의부채는 30% 정도로 왠만한 선진국들의 부채비율보다 훨씬 낮습니다. 지난 일년동안 몇몇나라들을 제외하고 세계국채금리는 계속하락했습니다. (영국과 미국의 장기금리는 조금 상승). 연준의 금리인상으로 이번 12월달에 거의 모든 나라의국채금리는 상승했습니다. 하지만 한국국채금리는 오히려 하락했죠. 이것은 신용등급의 상승의 결과인것입니다. 점점 한국 국채는 안전한 자산으로 여겨지고 있습니다.

As of December 31st, 2015, the interest rate of long-term Korean government bonds is lower than the U.S government bonds interest rate (2.1% vs. 2.3%). Is it because the rating of Korean economy had recently graded up? The average of yearly changes of interest rates during 2015 was negative and this implies that investments flew into safer investments such as government bonds. Because the Fed raised the fed fund rate, the long-term interest rates of most countries rose in December, but the Korean government bond’s rate actually decreased because of the improvement of the Korean economy rating.

The interest rate of Korean government bond actually decreased during December when interest rates of many other governments increased and the Korean government bond is considered as safe investment.

2 thoughts on “Bond Market Analysis as of 12/31/2015

  1. It is a very useful information. First it gives me a kind of safe feeling toward Korean government bond(with too many worries and glomy comments on Korea, Korea seems to be hopeless, which is not.) Also it can be good to read articles both Korean and English, which could be helpful to catch the flow of international news provided from other media.
    Thanks a lot!

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