Stock Markets Analysis as of 12/31/2015

지난 1년동안 전세계적으로 주식시장은 평균1.4% 상승했습니다. 한국은 2.4% 으로 전세계에서 10번째로 높았습니다.  러시아 주식시장이 세계에서 가장높은 이익률을 보였으며 그리고 뉴질랜드가 두번째  이탈리아가 세번째로 높은이익률이 좋았습니다.  중국이 네번째그리고  일본이 다섯번째였습니다.  가장안 좋은 국가는 싱가포르이며 그다음이 브라질입니다. 한편 미국은 -2.3% 이면 영국은 -4.9% 으로 양적완화가 끝난두나라의 주식시장은 고전을 면치못하고 있습니다.

The average yearly return of stock markets for G-20 is 1.4%. Among yearly returns for G-20 countries, Russia (26.1%) is ranked at 1st, and New Zealand(13.6%) is ranked at second and Italy (12.7%) is ranked at third. China and Japan are ranked forth and fifth. However, the yearly return for Korea is ranked at 10th with 2.4% which is slightly higher than the yearly average return for G-20. The country with worst yearly return (-14.3%) is Singapore and the country with second worst yearly return (-13.3%) is Brazil. The yearly returns for the United State and United Kingdom are -2.3% and -4.9%, respectively. The stock markets for two countries declined after ending of the quantitative easing.


The stock markets of most countries declined during December, 2015 because the Federal Reserve raised the interest rates by 0.25%. So, the raising the interest rates by the Fed surely has negative effect on the global stock markets.