Top 20 countries with the most Foreign Exchange Reserve as of 8/2015 (USD Million)

China is the country with the most foreign exchange reserve, and Korea is the country with the fifth most foreign exchange reserve.

Surprisingly, Brazil has the fourth largest foreign exchange reserve ($368 billion)

외화가 가장많은 나라가 중국이며 한국은 5번째로 많이 외화를 보유하고있습니다. 놀랍게도 브라질이 4번째로 많은 외환를 보유하고있습니다.

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China lost the most foreign exchange reserve.

Russia lost the second most and Japan lost the third most.

액수로 중국이가장많은 외화가 유출되었고 그리고 러시아 그리고 일본순서입니다.

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In percentage changes, Russia takes first place and Malaysia takes second place.

However, South Korea only lost 1.8% from its Foreign Exchange Reserve

퍼센트로 보면 러시아, 말레시아 , 태국, 알제리 그리고 인도네시아 로 많이 외화가 유출되었습니다.

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The following countries are losing their foreign exchange reserves quickly and are in the danger of a currency crisis:

Russia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

러시아, 말레시아, 인도네시아, 태국 등이 외환이 빨리 유출되고 있으며 외환위기가 올수도 있습니다.

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