Loans and Leases by Commercial Banks from 1947 to 2014

아래 차트를 보시면 현재 시중은행이 총융자액수는 $6 Trillion dollars 입니다. 2003 년 부터 연준의 저금리 정책으로 신용버블은 생겼다가 2007년 에 금융위기로 융자액수가 줄었다가 다시 상승하기 시작했습니다.
The following chart displays the amount of loans by commercial banks (in billions of dollars) from 19747 to 2014.  The credit bubble in the circle was created due to the rapid increasing of loans issued by commercial banks from 2003 to 2007. 

아래차트를 보시면 부동산관련대출이 꾸준히늘다가 2002년부터급속히 늘다가 부동산폭락으로 줄었습니다. 반대로 금융위기이후에 비즈니스대출 이차지하는부분은은 급속히 늘기시작했습니다. 

The following chart displays the shares of loans by types: Real Estate Loans, Business Loans, and Consumers Loans. The share of Real Estate loans had been increasing before the collapse of the housing market in 2007. However, the share of business loans has been increasing again after the financial crisis.

금융위기전에는 부동산대출이 빠르게증가했지만 금융위기이후에는 다른 대출은 증가률은 미미하지만 비즈니스대출은 꾸준히늘었습니다. 
The following chart shows the percent changes of bank loans from the previous year. After the financial crisis, most of the loans by commercial banks are business loans.

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