Analysis of Real Residential Property Prices for Republic of Korea

아래차트는 주거지 실제 가격입니다. (Index 2010=100)  

The following chart illustrates the historical real residential property prices for Republic of Korea from 1/1986 to 1/2015 and the source of data is the Bank for International Settlements.

Source: Bank for International Settlements.

Index 2010=100

아래차트는 지난달 대비 가격변동를 보여줍니다. 
The following chart shows the monthly percent changes from previous months.

아래차트는 전년도대비 가격변동률입니다. 점점 가격 변화폭이 줄어듭니다. 
The following chart displays the annual percent changes from previous year and the prices seem to be stabilized in recent years.

아래차트는 예측모델로 앞으로 2-3년의주택가격을 예측해보았습니다. 그냥 참조만하세요. 이모델은 순수 통계모델입니다. The following chart shows the time series forecasting model (Linear Trend with Autoregressive errors) for your reference. The model is solely built based on time series data.